Thursday, January 12, 2012

Link Gloves

They’re done!  I made a pair of Link Gloves for my friend Stephanie for Christmas last year.  The pattern was inspired by Link’s gauntlets from Ocarina of Time and designed by Emily Hastings.  Original Pattern can be found here:

I followed the pattern for most of the glove with the exception of the triforce design.  I made the gloves with the triforce one hand as a tribute to the triforce being on Link’s left hand since he is left handed but changed the hand since Stephanie is right handed.

Link Gloves 2 - Final I am very happy with the way they turned out.  At first I was worried the two colors of brown wouldn’t match well, but my fears were in vain.  The two colors matched perfectly and added the depth and contrast for which I was hoping.  I might make a pair for a few other friends as well myself in the future.  I would change the color scheme a bit for mine, but that’s for a latter post. 

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