Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hello and Welcome

I’ve been doing more craft related projects lately so I’ve decided to start a crafting blog, namely this one.  It will be a place where I discuss my progress and updates for any sewing and or crafting I do that is not cosplay/costuming related.  It will very similar to my other blog, Costume Crazy, in style and set up though I will be discussing such things as quilting, knitting, practical sewing (such as sewing for the home and everyday wear), and other related type interests.  I figure it would be much easy to separate the two subjects than to lump them into one blog and thus possibly confuse the readers. 

If you are at all interested in crafting related projects and updates, then please subscribe this new blog.  The same applies to my previous blog, though instead of crafting interests it is cosplaying/costuming.  I will update this blog as regularly as possible and will do my best to update both as often as possible with progress, news and hopefully pictures as time and funds permit.  Please subscribe to both blogs, if you are so inclined, and comment if you wish.  It would be a pleasure to hear from my readers, so long as you are cordial and polite.  Please continue to read this blog as well as the other one.  It is a pleasure to keep Craftiness Craziness and Costume Crazy going.  I hope both are a pleasure to read as well.  Have a good day and an even better week.  ^_^

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